Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

Climate change and unaligned AI pose a greater existential risk than a pandemic. Could we muster the will to prevent them?

Can tech enterprises really do well by doing good? Yes, they can!

A 2.6 Trillion Dollar Question We Often Forget To Ask.

Proactive engagement is everything

In the age of tech-assured transparency, ‘doing well by doing good’ is bound to transform from aspiration of a few to an imperative for all. Corporate diplomats will lead the way.

The world could be a better place if only we knew when to scrap useless vocabulary and jettison antiquated ideas…

Corporate Wealth vs. Public Good. Could Tech Platforms Deliver Both?

Why the Hierarchical Organization is No Longer Suited For the Challenges of the Modern Economy.

We’d all be better off.

If data are the new oil, can time be the new data?

Nimses turns your time into digital coins

If the future is no longer predictable, is it still imaginable?

How soon before we are economically useless?

‘The expectations of business are changing as rapidly as the world around us’. Image: Anna Dziubinska/Unsplash

Andrew Chakhoyan

Global citizen, idealist, optimist, keynote speaker. Founder of Write for @WEF and @Futurism. Thanks for following 🙏

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